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Organization and Time Management

Time management is an essential skill at home, school, and work. Both children and adults regularly find themselves struggling to balance multiple projects, activities, and other responsibilities. This difficulty structuring one’s time can create significant stress, which decreases our wellbeing and ability to engage with our obligations and goals. This can create a vicious cycle, in which our difficulty managing our responsibilities creates distress, which in turn can exacerbate and maintain these difficulties.

Time management difficulties can be caused by a variety of different factors, including procrastination, unrealistic goal setting, and lack of awareness of time. CBC clinicians work with clients to identify these factors, and suggest specific strategies to address these areas of difficulty. Treatment may therefore include mindfulness and self-monitoring practices to increase the client’s awareness of their urges to procrastinate or tendency to lose track of time, and behavioral techniques for remaining focused on realistic goals in these moments. Obstacles to engaging with these techniques (e.g. anxiety that is precipitating urges procrastinate) are also assessed and addressed through cognitive restructuring and emotion regulation techniques. Clinician and client remain in open communication regarding the impact and effectiveness of these interventions, thereby allowing for ongoing assessment and adjustments.


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