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Applications NO LONGER being accepted for the 2023-2024 Postdoctoral Fellowship year. Please see the full description and instructions in the Postdoctoral Fellowship page.

Directed by Drs. Chad Brice, Leigh Kwasny and Danielle Francois, CBC has three distinct yearlong training programs: A Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Combined School-Clinical Psychology Internship and a Predoctoral Psychology Externship

Our supervisory team is a select group of highly skilled clinicians, educators and researchers who specialize in CBT and DBT. We provide extensive training including weekly didactic seminars on CBT and DBT topics and a lecture series by nationally and internationally renowned speakers from the CBT and DBT communities. We also provide comprehensive supervision including individual and group supervision, DBT consultation team, and CBT consultation team. Our trainees have the opportunity to gain experience working with a variety of disorders, and treat individuals across the lifespan, families, and couples.

For inquiries about our training programs or to ask questions, please email Dr. Chad Brice at apply@cbc-psychology.com.