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CBC Provides Comprehensive Training in CBT and DBT for Professionals, Trainees, Schools, Businesses, and Organizations

CBC offers a variety of training opportunities for professionals, students, schools, companies, and agencies. To get in touch with our team, please visit our contact us page.

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Continuing Education For Mental Health Professionals

CBC-ED is a continuing education program for health professionals, educators, and administrators. CBC provides a range of workshops and seminars in CBT and DBT and is intended for professionals at varying levels of knowledge and expertise.

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Externships, Internships, and Postdoctoral Fellowships

CBC provides continuing education training for health professionals, educators, and administrators. Our continuing education program offers workshops and other trainings, as well as time-limited or ongoing CBT and DBT consultation for professionals.

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College Psychology Internship

CBC offers a summer internship for undergraduate college students seeking to gain experience in clinical psychology

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Custom Designed Programs and Presentations For Schools, Organizations, and Businesses

CBC can provide a customized lecture or comprehensive curriculum designed to educate and influence your organization’s culture on a range of topics, geared to teach and implement evidence-based practices.

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Schwartzberg Training Center at CBC

The Schwartzberg Training Center was created as part of a mission to train students and professionals across the world in evidence based treatments. Our training center has been made possible through the vision of our co-founders and through a financial contribution made by the Schwartzberg family in honor of Mr. Schwartzberg’s brother who suffered from a mental illness.

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