Parenting Skills Group

Parenting your child can be challenging, especially when they have behavioral difficulties such as intense and frequent tantrums, big emotions, difficulty following directions and/or oppositional behavior. Moreover, children who exhibit these behaviors may meet criteria for Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, Disruptive Mood Disorders and Conduct Disorder. These behaviors and disorders are especially common among children, with a prevalence of 6.1% for disruptive behavior disorders, according to Recovery Village.

Parenting Skills Group is a treatment group for parents of children who have disruptive behaviors. Using the Parent Management Training by Alan Kazdin curriculum, this group uses one of the most well-investigated treatments for disruptive behaviors and boasts a large number of controlled trials that have documented its effectiveness.

In the group, parents will learn to:

  • Use positive behavior techniques to increase desired behaviors (e.g., effective listening)
  • Implement effective consequences (e.g., time-outs) to reduce unwanted behaviors (e.g.,aggression, non-compliance)
  • Manage tantrums and intense emotions
  • Set effective limits

This treatment is unique because the caregivers (not the child) attend treatment. It is focused on teaching effective management skills to help parents change their own behavior, which leads to changes in their child’s behaviors. As an active process with opportunities to practice and role play the skills being taught, parents in this treatment feel empowered to make meaningful and lasting changes. After treatment, parents are more skillful in handling and lessening disruptive behaviors in their children and children exhibit less disruptive behaviors as a result.

Here at CBC, we have clinicians who are trained in Parent Management Training and offer parenting treatments such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, SPACE and others in both individual and group formats.

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