Educational Consultation

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At CBC, educational workshops use targeted and empirically-based supports to teach new strategies to foster critical executive functioning and self-regulation skills to help support student’s academic, social, and emotional success.

For Families

At CBC, we understand that finding the appropriate learning environment and supportive services for your student can be a challenge. Brittney Fallucca, Ph.D., the Director of Neuropsychological Assessment and Educational Support, can provide educational consultation for school and college-aged students. This can include a review of educational records, a school-based observation to determine appropriate learning fit, referrals for interventions, recommendations for formalized testing, as well as IEP and student learning plan advising.

Workshops for Schools and Families

We are offering remote and in-person executive functioning workshops for school administrators, teachers, clinical staff, as well as families. Executive functions are essential self-regulation skills that help students accomplish daily tasks, such as planning, organizing, directing attention, thinking flexibly, using working memory, controlling impulses, and learning from past mistakes. These skills are the bridge between a student’s potential and what they are able to achieve. Variations in these skills have the capacity to interfere with a student’s capacity to show others the extent of their knowledge.

Workshops will teach school personnel new strategies to foster these critical organizational skills to help support student’s budding independence. Targeted and empirically-based supports to help navigate the demands of virtual learning can also be a key component of the workshop. The workshop will include a structured teaching component, as well as time for an open discussion surrounding specific challenges school personnel are experiencing within the classroom. Additionally, all workshops can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Some example workshops topics include:

  • Fostering Executive Function Skills in Middle or High School Students
  • Navigating the Virtual Learning World and the Critical Role of Executive Function Skills
  • Supporting Students Developing Brains in the Virtual Learning World
  • Language-Based Learning challenges and the Developing Brain
  • Executive Functioning Skills: Understanding a Student’s Developing Brain
  • The Role of Executive Functioning in Learning
  • The Reading Brain: Executive Function Skills Crucial Underpinnings for Reading Skills Development
  • Let’s Get Organized: Teaching Study Skills and Reducing Procrastination
  • Executive Dysfunction and Learning Disabilities in Students with ADHD
  • Supporting Students with ADHD in the classroom
  • Supporting Executive Function Skills in Students with Autism
  • Self-Regulation and Executive Function Skills: Crucial for Academic Success


Make an Appointment or a Referral

Please contact our Director of Intake Services at 212-595-9559 (ext.1) or 914-385-1150 (ext.1), or fill out the form above, with any questions regarding eligibility, for further information, or to make a referral. If you are a current patient at CBC, please speak to your individual therapist to see how this group may be of added benefit to you.