SAGE Summer Community

SAGE Summer Community participants are seeking ways to manage powerful emotions but are not struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

What is SAGE Summer Community?

This DBT summer community group is a less intensive option for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who are seeking ways to manage powerful emotions but are not struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. The members of this group are generally able to attend school/jobs/group/social events without external support. Participants do not need to be in individual therapy to participate in SAGE Summer Community.

Participants must commit to the full six or nine weeks (see below) of skills training and may join summer skills on specific dates throughout the summer.


    Where and when does the group meet?

    To view upcoming SAGE Summer sessions, please view our website events calendar. The information for the 2022 summer session can be accessed here.

    Do you need to be in individual therapy while in this group?
    No, you do not need an individual therapist, or you can have an individual therapist who does not practice DBT. We recognize that DBT skills are life skills, and helpful for everyone regardless of ability to function in school, jobs and relationships. If you develop more serious problems that interfere with your ability to function, we may recommend a more intensive level of care, such as individual therapy and SAGE I Foundations.

    How long is the commitment?

    In White Plains, the group meets three to four days per week for six weeks.
    In NYC, the group meets two days a week for nine weeks.

    What is the process for joining?
    Please call CBC’s intake line at (914) 385 1150 x1 or (212) 595 9559 x1 to schedule a 90-minute intake. The intake consists of 60 minutes of assessment with the young adult patient, and 30 minutes of orientation to the program for young adults and their parents.

    What can I hope to achieve after completing the program?
    Six or nine weeks in the SAGE Summer Community will provide you with a large array of coping skills for emotion regulation problems. In our experience, learning skills are necessary but not sufficient for improving your mental health, so you should try to practice them in your daily life.If you need more support, consider speaking with a DBT therapist.

    What are the options for aftercare?
    Most SAGE Summer Community participants return to college or jobs without aftercare, or they continue with an individual therapist. If participants are interested in increased support, they may speak to Dr. Suzanne Davino about options for joining other SAGE programs.

    Please visit our SAGE program pages for more detail on our specific programs: