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CBC’s virtual executive functioning program will support you and your child as you navigate online studies and anxiety during challenging times.

Executive Functioning Program

Executive functioning support at CBC focuses on individual treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. As part of individual treatment, the therapist is able to identify and address cognitions and emotions that may be hindering productivity. Sessions may include a combination of psychoeducation, skill-building exercises, goal setting, and practical strategies to help clients improve their executive functioning skills. Specific goals are tailored to the needs of the individual and may pertain to academics, work, or managing a household. Therapists will provide ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability to help clients implement and sustain positive changes in their daily lives.

Our executive functioning sessions are curated to your individual needs and incorporate evidence-based strategies to address challenges such as

    • Developing an effective routine
    • Strategies for managing multiple responsibilities
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Planning and time management
    • Starting and completing tasks
    • Breaking tasks into steps
    • Organization.
    • Coping with stressors

Like all of CBC’s programs, our executive functioning sessions incorporate evidence-based strategies. Parent sessions are also available to help parents learn skills they can use to guide and support their children. A 90-minute intake consultation session will first be scheduled to help identify needs and to develop an effective coaching plan. Following that, sessions will be scheduled for youth and/or parents based on identified needs.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact our intake team at intake@cbc-psychology.com or call 914-385-1150, Option 1.


Make an Appointment or a Referral

Please contact our Director of Intake Services at 212-595-9559 (ext.1) or 914-385-1150 (ext.1), or fill out the form above, with any questions regarding eligibility, for further information, or to make a referral. If you are a current patient at CBC, please speak to your individual therapist to see how this group may be of added benefit to you.