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Our Director of Consultation Services will assess your agencies needs and collaborate with Drs. McGinn and Miller to develop either a customized lecture or a more comprehensive curriculum to meet your goals. We cover a wide a range of topics, geared to teach and implement evidence-based practices that will be designed to enhance knowledge and performance.

View our growing list of agencies that have benefited from advancing their professional skill set below.

Agency List

  • ANDRUS Children Center
  • Astor Services for Children & Families
  • Broadview Psychology
  • Centre for MindBody Health
  • Clearview Treatment Programs
  • Compass for Behavioral Health
  • DBT Center of Orange County
  • Dee Norton Advocacy Center
  • East Metro Youth Services
  • Full Day Srl (Bologna, Italy)
  • Green Chimneys
  • Highland Meadows Couseling Center INC
  • JMD Counseling & Therapeutic Services
  • Larchmont/Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center
  • Lifeline WA (Perth Australia)
  • McMaster Children's Hospital-Chedoke Site
  • Mental Health Service Corps
  • Princeton House Behavioral Health
  • St. Christopher's, Inc.
  • The Jewish Education Project