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A study published by our research team suggests that our SAGE-F program helps participants improve on various mental health symptoms. Thirty five participants who were enrolled in SAGE-F volunteered to complete a series of measures that assessed mood, self-harm behaviors and overall functioning. These measures were completed three times – before starting the SAGE-F group, immediately after completing the six-week program, and approximately three-months after graduating from SAGE-F.

The study found that completing the SAGE-F program was associated with a:

  • 25% reduction in depressive symptoms

  • 21% reduction in anxiety symptoms

  • 54% reduction in self-harm behaviors

  • 20% increase in perceived coping abilities

  • 24% increase in everyday functioning capacities.

After following up with these study participants three months later ,their responses were similar to when they were assessed immediately after the program completed. These findings suggest that not only could SAGE-F help individuals improve immediately, but the gains they achieve can be sustained for at least three months.

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