NYASP Conference 2017

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is the major national professional organization for school psychologists in the United States.  It’s mission is to “represent and support school psychology through leadership to enhance the mental health and educational competence of all children.”

Dr. Lata McGinn conducted a three hour workshop, “Understanding, Assessing, and Treating School Refusal.” School refusal is a major problem and there are many reasons for why children miss school.

Key points discussed:

  1. Participants gained knowledge about child motivated school refusal along with demographics, and consequences of child-motivated school refusal, as well as the common psychological conditions linked to school refusal.
  2. Participants learned how assessment and conceptualization of school refusal is conducted in order to plan for CBT treatment of school refusal
  3. Participants gained knowledge about how CBT treatment strategies are used in the treatment of the four common types of school refusal.
  4. Participants were given an opportunity to conduct a clinical exercise to practice assessment and treatment strategies.