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Cbt 5 day foundational 2020

Monday July 6 - Friday July 10, 2020

Five Day CBT Foundational

The Schwartzberg Training Center at CBC

This intensive 5-day training program was created by Dr. Lata K. McGinn in response to multiple requests from clinicians who often learn CBT through self-study or workshops and are looking to increase their ability to apply CBT concepts and strategies in their current practices.

Alec teaching DBTF

Monday August 31 - Friday September 4, 2020

Five Day DBT Foundational: Adolescent - Family Emphasis

The Schwartzberg Training Center at CBC

Dr. Alec Miller and other experts will lead a 5-day training on the fundamentals of DBT. Clinicians will receive in-depth training in Comprehensive DBT with an emphasis on treating adolescents and their families, but not limited to that age group.

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